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RunReveal announces $2.5M fundraise to reinvent SIEM

When we started RunReveal last year, we quickly realized that every security team was struggling with their security data and logs. Today we're announcing that we raised $2.5 million to fix the problem, led by Costanoa Ventures.

We've made a lot of progress towards our goal but there's no silver-bullet that will fix two decades of legacy software. We've been working with customers and industry leaders to aggressively build the technology, products, and features that are needed to solve these security data problems, and truly disrupt the SIEM category.

Reimagining SIEM

Legacy SIEM is known for slow queries, complex forwarders and indexes, exorbitant costs, and high rates of false positives. RunReveal is simple and designed from the ground up to address these issues directly.

Correlate to reduce false positives - No single log will tell you when you're compromised. RunReveal has built correlation into our service so our customers can rely on correlation rules out of the box, or build their own.

Built to scale - Our backend was built to easily scale to millions of events per second, collect security telemetry from any kind of source, and write that data to anywhere that our customers need it.

Efficiency - Nobody is going to get very far charging more than Splunk or any other legacy SIEM provider, but your time is even more valuable than your money. We architected RunReveal so that getting set up and using our product is insanely fast. We can have you up in running with world class detections in minutes.

What comes next

This past year we've released a ton of amazing products and features but we're just getting started. We plan to continue building towards our goal and have an aggressive roadmap with new features on the horizon.

We're bringing our experience from Cloudflare and Segment to help our customers solve their security and data problems. We have the team, the expertise, and the vision to disrupt the SIEM market. We're using this funding to continue executing on our vision and helping security teams detect and respond faster.

We'll be at BSidesSF and RSA this next week. Stop by our booth at BSidesSF or reach out if you'd like to grab a coffee with our founders.

If you want to read the details of some of the products we've released in the past year check out some of our previous blogs below.

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